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We act for people or companies who are being sued because of something that they have written or who may be sued for something that they are about to write. Most cases involve defamation or privacy.

Letter of Complaint

If you have received a letter threatening legal action, it is preferable to obtain legal advice before sending any response.

The right decisions need to be made at the outset. A strong letter in response from us will carry greater conviction and is more likely to deter the claimant from carrying the threat through.

Alternatively, if the right choice is to settle, it is better to do so before legal action is commenced and with the benefit of our advice.

Being Sued

We can represent you at any stage of a court case.

Sometimes, we are brought in just as the case is about to go to trial, in which case we will fight it to the end.

Generally, the sooner we are brought in the better.


Urgent court applications to prevent publication are a common feature of our work.

Because we are solicitors and advocates we can move quickly, without the need to consult a barrister. Outside office hours you will be directed to mobile telephone numbers to enable you to contact a lawyer.

Pre-Publication Advice

In an ideal world, we are instructed before anything is published, so that our advice can minimise the risks of any problems arising in the future.

In the legal minefield of publishing, what may seem legally sound could still be subject to any number of potential problems, sometimes with serious consequences.

Prevention of legal problems is far less costly and damaging to credibility and sanity than attempts to cure. Proper legal advice before publishing is the best insurance.

We understand the importance of constructive and practical advice designed to get the story you want published in a way that will not rebound with a legal claim.