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We believe that the variety of our clients is one of our greatest strengths. In recent years there has been an increase in cases involving neither newspapers nor broadcasters.

The internet has given the opportunity for anyone to communicate with a worldwide audience at the touch of a button. Large corporations have resorted to legal threats and action against those who campaign against them.

Developments in the law of privacy have led to celebrities bringing claims against former associates, such as lovers or employees.

The same law and procedure applies irrespective of the resources of the defendant, the amount of readers or the form in which the words are published.

The insight that we obtain from the variety of our cases benefits all our clients.

We set out below some examples of our clients:

National Newspapers
The Daily and Sunday Telegraph
The Independent

Smaller Publishers
Varsity magazine

Amnesty International

Professional Bodies
The Law Society Gazette

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority

Photographic Agencies
Barcroft Media

Tristan Rogers
(featured in the BBC’s See You in Court)

Jason Spiller and 1311 Events
(the Supreme Court liberalises the defence of honest comment)

Cases arising from a business dispute
Justin Meredith

Cases arising in a religious community
Dayan Lichtenstein
(the longest slander trial in legal history News report)

People associated with celebrities
Vanessa Frisbee
(former PA to Naomi Campbell News report)