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Hacked Off publishes draft Leveson Bill

David Price QC has recently been quoted in The Times in relation to his views on the new Media Freedom and Regulatory Standards bill published by Hacked Off, a pressure group set up in response to the phone hacking scandal. He commented that “There is something Orwellian about describing this as the “Media Freedom and Regulatory Standards Bill”, as if they complement each other, when they are direct opposites.

It makes the mistake of assuming more regulation will help us get to the truth more easily. We get to the truth by having ideas tested in the marketplace, not by further regulation or by the great and good deciding what is true or ethical.”

David went on to say he was also concerned by the reference to the regulator needing to ensure the dignity of the individual – “We have a proud tradition of ridicule and satire that has protected against abuse of power. A free press will inevitably be undignified but it is far safer than a sanitised one.”

Times subscribers can access the article here. The article has been reproduced for non-subscribers here.